The grooming is one of the permanent and essential needs of the cow, through which the cows’ bodies are brushed and cleaned. Brushing and cleaning them leads to increasing the cows’ cheerfulness and decreasing their stress and of course, cheerful and stress-less cows would have better performance in terms of production, increasing economic lifetime and reducing diseases. Objective observations and scientific articles indicate the fact that cows quickly learn to use and become interested in the cow-brushing machine. Also, it has been proven that continuous use of the cow-brushing machine leads to an increase in milk production and decrease in mastitis and in some cases decreasing ketosis. Some of the advantages observed in Iran after installing the cow-brushing machine,show a significant reduction in detachment of the ear tag from their ears, because the cows wouldn’t have to scratch their heads and face to the wall for grooming themselves. Because this machine is all automatic and its operator is the cow itself; thus, it does not need any operator .

The selection of the materials and design for manufacturing the Timar all-automatic cow-brushing machine has been done very carefully in such manner that the machine has proper strength and only requires very little maintenance.

Machine features

  • The brush’s dimensions: 80cm in length and 40cm in diameter.
  •  The bristles of the brush are made out of industrial nylons that have a longer lifetime and do not depreciate very easily, compared to regular nylons that are cheaper.
  •  Given that this machine is all-automatic, its electricity consumption is very little.
  • All parts used, including ball-bearings, electrical parts and etc., are all the best parts that are in the market.


  •  The electric motor of the cow-brushing machine is made of the best electric motor in the Iranian market.
  •  This machine weighs 70 Kg and because the machine is installed to a column, it does not put pressure on the animal.
  •  The body’s color that is furnace type is highly durable.
  •  It has a very strong and thick chassis.

Guarantee and After-sales service:
Sadr Azma Sepahan Engineering Company guarantee the Boot washer for 12 months and the guarantee card is delivered to the buyer at the time of delivery.  After-sales services are delivered in the shortest time and with the highest quality.

Product introduction