Vacuum Manure Removers

Behroob manure removing machine, removes the manure in the hallways, in the best, fastest and the most economical way and disposes them in the appropriate place.

Behroob features

Reduction in costs

Performing simultaneously three operations

    • Collecting
    • Transporting
    • Discharging

High quality collection

Scraping on the floor of the hall.

High speed removing

Once Behroob pass the hall, it will be cleaned.


The aforementioned machine is consisted of a tank and two vacuum pumps, through which the manure is sucked into the tank. The manure removing operation is conducted through a v-shaped paddle. As the machine moves forward, the manure is led towards the end of the v-shaped paddle and there, is a pipe for vacuuming the manure from the ground into the tank. Therefore, when the v-shaped paddle is drawn over the ground, the manure is sucked into the tank.

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Guarantee and After-sales service
Sadr Azma Sepahan Engineering Company guarantee the Vacuum Manure Removers  for 12 months and the guarantee card is delivered to the buyer at the time of delivery.  After-sales services are delivered in the shortest time and with the highest quality.

Comparative table of various methods for collecting fertilizers

The speed of collecting a free-stall 300 cows with two corridorsLess than 15 minutes---------
Place of discharged Lagoon or septic or storage facilitiesThe need for long and costly channeling
The total time taken from the (300 cows) from the hallway to the one-kilometer drainage point.Less than 45 minutesThe need for long and costly channeling
Number of Staffone driverNo need for a operator
PriceCall usFar higher
The number of machines requiredA tractorEach corridor needs a separate unit.